Agency: 72andSunny Amsterdam

Music Production

Under Armour

UA Next

The music crafted for Under Armour's 'UA Next' campaign is as raw and relentless as the athletes it portrays. It embodies the sweat and tenacity of the emerging generation of sports leaders, driving home the message of hard work and resilience that is central to the campaign's audience.

Film Production: HAMLET

Music & Sound


Move The World

Our music for Vinted was made to support the ethos of pre-loved clothes, using a catchy vintage tune to reflect the past and present in sustainable fashion. The soundtrack accompanies the seamless journey of garments from one owner to the next, enhancing the narrative of renewal that the campaign celebrates.

agency: MediaMonks
executive producer: daniel thiele
senior producer: Christoph Wallmeyer
director: Marc Bethke
dop: Pascal Remond & Maher Maleh
editor: Denis Marx

Sound & Music



It was our pleasure to create the soundtrack for the new i5, pulsating with energy that mirrors the car's innovative spirit. Synth waveforms ebb and flow like the quiet hum of the electric motor while a steady beat drives forward, embodying the vehicle's seamless acceleration. Futuristic and vibrant, encapsulating sleek efficiency and cutting-edge technology.

agency: ddb berlin
production company: soupfilm

Composition and Music Production


Change The Game

We had a lot of fun recording some old school funk vibes for this Volkswagen European Championship kick-off campaign.

Director: Merle Grimme
Production Company: a little film production / Sperl Film + Fernsehproduktion / ZDF / Arte


Clashing Differences

Merle Grimme

Working on the soundtrack for Merle Grimme's debut feature film was a deeply rewarding opportunity. Our score ranged from intricate string quartet arrangements to classic Boom Bap beats to complement the film's thought-provoking narrative.

Agency: 72andSunny Amsterdam


Under Armour

To the Greatest Teams The World Has Never Seen

This Euro Championship film features a football chant, typically echoing through vast stadiums, to shine a light on the unsung heroes of lesser-known teams. Our score reimagines this theme, infusing it with a reharmonized arrangement that elevates the sense of euphoria to new heights.

agency: ddb

Composition and Music Production

Kings Of Indigo


Deep pockets are universally known as a metaphor for wealth, yet did you know that women’s pockets are on average 48% smaller than men’s. The sustainable fashion brand Kings Of Indigo created a collection of denims to make a statement for equal pay – with equal pockets. We supported this campaign by writing a track that both upheld the importance of this subject and also stayed true to the playful nature of jeans with a dash of suspense and broad strokes of vapor wave.

agency: DDB Berlin

Composition and Music Production


ID3 Way To Zero

The ID.3 marks the beginning of a new era – also in the field of sustainability with a soundscape as innovative as its mission. The electric car is the first Volkswagen manufactured using a carbon neutral balance sheet. Subtle electronic tones resonate with the car's sustainable ethos, crafting an ambient backdrop that feels fresh and elegant to inspire a future where driving is in harmony with the environment.

agency: Culprit Creative

Composition and Music Production

Culprit Creative

Culprit Underwear

Culprit Creative is a Los Angeles based agency that recently launched their own underwear brand "Culprit Underwear". It was a real pleasure composing music for this very hilarious clip starring the wonderful Paige Elkington.

Agency: DDB
Production Company: Soup Film
Track: Heart as a River by Robot Koch and Savannah Jo Lack feat. Delhia de France

Music Supervision


Oled Earth Rising

Do you remember the “bouncing balls“ ad, shot in San Francisco? With the bar set that high, we wanted to make sure we found the perfect track for the Sony Bravia OLED launch campaign. We found what we were looking for not in a back catalogue but in L.A. – recalling a track by Robot Koch and Savannah Jo Lack. This is our proud contribution to the series of ads, impressive both visually and musically.

agency: ddb voltage
production company: markenfilm
director: julian acosta
mix: hesse studios

Composition and Music Production


ID.3 1ST Pre-Booking Campaign

With Voltage, Volkswagens lead creative agency, we worked on the pre-booking campaign for the ID.3 1st – VW’s first native all-electric vehicle. The campaign breaks down the barriers in people’s minds regarding e-mobility. For this we wrote "I Bet It's Now" to match the fast-cut video-clip aesthetic of the films.

Agency: DDB
Filmproduction: Media Picture Group

Composition and Music Production


The all-electric ID.3

When we write music for ads, we always want it to sound like a licensed original instead of ad music. So when VW asked us to produce a full-length version of the song we had written for their campaign due to heavy requests from the online community, we once again found our proof of concept.

Agency: BAM

Music Supervision

Marc O'Polo

Archive Code Box

For the launch of the new Fall/Winter collection, Marc O'Polo sent out a customized package to selected influencers. In accordance with the theme of the collection "Key pieces from the eighties reinterpreted for today" it contained a walkman and a cassette tape, amongst other goodies. We were very happy to support this project by curating the cassette and creating personalized audio for every recipient.

Director: Yannick Müller
Agency: Lagardère Plus

Composition and Music Production


Puma x BVB Away Kit 18/19

For the launch of the new away kit for the football club Borussia Dortmund – the unveiling of the team's colors for games abroad – we helped Puma bring across their message: "The Pulse of Dortmund beats everywhere".

Agency: The Hook

Composition and Music Production



The premium beer brand Warsteiner used Richard Strauss for its sound branding in the past. That’s quite a name to compete with! That’s why we are more than delighted to have composed the first original sound logo and brand music in the history of the Warsteiner brand.

Agency: Jung von Matt/Spree
Production Company: Markenfilm

Composition and Music Production



Every good road trip needs the perfect soundtrack. To help this toy car driver break free, we let go of all constraints in the studio and had fun being really loud. Our original composition for Kayak and Jung von Matt/Spree.

Agency: HearDis!
Production Company: Xailabs

Sound Design


Magista Installation

When Nike exhibited an installation in Berlin fashion boutique Voo Store, the brand needed football-inspired sound design to include in its multi-sensory product presentation.


jay jay is a boutique music production and composition team based in berlin.

with a strong understanding of both making records and writing music to motion picture, jay jay specializes in highly individual tasks.



Executive Producer

Johannes has worked as a professional composer, sound designer, music consultant and producer for multiple brands. Next to his commercial success in advertising and branding, he has continued to collaborate with artists on non-commercial projects and was featured as a DJ on Boiler Room. Holding an M.A. in Sound Studies (UdK) Johannes works with sound on a philosophical and scientific level.


Executive Producer

Jared uses his broad international network of musicians to collaborate on and source the tracks. He believes that all music is connected and accordingly, employs a genre-fluid approach to create music that is truly fit for purpose and project.


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